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Gianni Toma

An Agency Partner with Karma Financial, Gianni excels in the financial field to the highest degree. Demonstrating high level leadership, integrity, and comprehensive understanding of the financial services industry, Gianni leads, guides and motivates Karma as a whole. Gianni's understanding of systems and processes has allowed Karma to scale to the size it is today. On top of all this, Gianni goes above and beyond to grow the agency and give back to all the staff involved.  


My Story

Gianni’s story starts with his family immigrating to America just years before he was born. His dad met Gianni’s mother in Iraq and then eventually left to start a life together in the United States of America. Gianni was born a couple years later and a little over two decades later Gianni started his business career in the financial services industry. After a few years of mentoring and following other leaders in the industry and tenure with other organizations Gianni set sail and was inspired to launch Karma Financial and become partners with Sumedh Basani.

Karma Financial is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the financial marketplace. Karma Financial is passionate about creating the next generation of leaders, mentors, and agents by teaching thought-provoking perspectives on entrepreneurship and disrupting the traditional approach of a “normal” career.


Prior to Karma Financial and the financial services industry, Gianni was attending the University of Michigan studying business administration, working full time at a cellular retailer working 40+ hours per week, capped income and no sight of any light at the end of the tunnel with his studies and work.


Gianni soon fell in love with what he was doing with Karma Financial and set out a mission to start creating young entrepreneurs as early as 18 years young who are coming out of highschool with the hunger for guidance and leadership for those not knowing what they want in life yet.


Gianni thrives to build an organization so large that life insurance becomes the new norm to today's upcoming young hungry men and women striving to be their own boss and have an uncapped roof for accomplishments. Gianni is an industry leader in systems and processes. He specializes in advanced contracting and IT solutions with the insurance industry. 

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