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Harsh Dongrekar

Harsh is a Senior Contracting Specialist at Karma Financial Group. He handles internal communication channels and systems that process data for the logistics portion of the firm. He is a key member in the internal operations and has been with the company since 2023.


My Story

Harsh grew up in a modest middle-class family in India. He did his Bachelor’s in Engineering and worked in the computer industry for Dell. Dell inspired him to continue his schooling and he went back to school to complete his MBA. After completing his MBA, he joined a promising tech startup as one of the early contributer/employee. Harsh brought a great deal of innovation to this company and grew this brand to new levels with experience in tech, combined with his excellent management and operations skills, 


However, Harsh's thirst for challenges didn't end there. He was soon presented with an opportunity to join a well-established e-commerce company. With his knack for understanding market trends and incredible manpower skills, he transformed the company's operations, streamlining processes and optimizing resources.


As time passed, Harsh's diverse experiences in tech, startups, management, and operations became a coveted asset. Harsh was then acquired by Karma Financial as a Senior Contracting Specialist. 


Harsh believes a person's true worth lies not only in their accomplishments but also in their passions. His passion for cricket, music, travel, and exploring new things gave him the drive to succeed and made him one of a kind.

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