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Meet Your Agent!

Jennifer Anderson

At Karma Financial, Jen has demonstrated to be a very strong leader in her current role as a Supervising Agent. Coming from a healthcare background, she transitioned into the Financial Industry where she found her passion in providing benefits to clients and helping families in need. Being an experienced agent in the brokerage world has given Jen various opportunities to not only grow independently, but has also allowed her to connect with a multitude of clients to set them up in the best position possible. Where help is needed, you can bet that Jen is always there to ensure that families are financially stable and their loved ones' futures are financially secured.


My Story

Jen comes from a huge tight knit family in Thailand where her mother was originally born. Having 30 cousins, seven Aunts and seven Uncles, Jen is extremely devoted to her family. She was born in Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, a military base where she grew up living with her parents. After her father served in the Army and toured The Desert Storm, they moved home to Ohio to be closer to family where she currently cares for her mother. 

Jen's dedication to her family pushed her to work hard in her career. She places a great deal of importance of family and has a strong understanding of taking care of your loved ones. Jen's mission to help her family translates beautifully in her mission to her clients at Karma Financial. Her innate drive to fulfill her promises to her family propel her in financial career. 

An expert in products and financial solutions, Jen empowers clients with the right market solutions that work to build long term financial stability and secure immediate assets. Her ability to educate clients on the vulnerabilities in their financial portfolio has allowed her to not only help clients, but also other agents in the entire financial industry. 

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