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Jimel Bronson

Currently a Managing General Agent with Karma Financial, Jimel is an industry veteran who began working in the financial services industry right out of high school. With a strong passion for protecting as many families as possible, he is using it as a driving force in everything that he does.


My Story

Jimel began working in the financial services industry right after high school graduation. This was not the most conventional route for an 18-year-old but his desire to become successful was everything to him.

Coming from humble beginnings, Jimel had strong values toward family. His dedication to improving his family's life and the lives of others allowed him to grow into the position he is in today. Jimel also owes much of his success to his adaptability and coachability. His willingness to do what is best for the agency and client is what builds his business today.


Jimel decided to join forces with Karma Financial as he resonated with their passion for protecting lives as effectively as possible. The brokerage model has allowed clients to have access to the best products and this fascinated him. Through this partnership he hopes to grow this company to a level at which they can protect families across the United States.

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