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Jordan Santiago

Jordan is currently a brokerage agent that has served clients at a high level. Demanding the best for his clients, Jordan never fails to serve and protect those that need financial guidance. 


My Story

 Jordan was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. His mother was a native of the greater Cleveland area, and his father came to the states as a young man from Puerto Rico.  Growing up as the oldest sibling of 5 and coming from a huge family, Jordan takes a lot of pride in being a role model to his younger siblings and guiding them through life. 


His extensive experience in external home remodeling business has allowed him to work with middle income families all over America. He has grown passionate about helping families improving the quality of their lives and as a result he has decided to move into the financial services industry. Jordan believes he can make a large impact helping families protect assets, plan their retirement and build wealth. 


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