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Loua Farunia

Currently an agency manager and with Karma Financial, Loua is an industry veteran who has began his financial services career at a very young age. Having worked at multiple organizations he has finally found his home with Karma Financial, and intends to grow with the company long term. Providing benefits for clients at the best rates helps him reach his, and his clients goals.


My Story

Coming from an immigrant family, Loua learned from an early age that he needed to put his best foot forward to help his family. Loua's drive and high focus on ethics are a combination of his upbringing and culture. Loua spends a great deal of time with his family and understands firsthand the importance of securing/protecting assets.

Loua has been to many insurance companies, and has realized that many do not provide the highest level of service for clients. His frustration grew when many of his managers at his previous organizations pushed for heavy sales tactics and unethical practices with clients who honestly didn't know any better. This didn't sit right with Loua, and he eventually ventured off on his own as an independent broker. 

Discovering Karma Financial helped Loua's faith in the industry go up, as he took a direct initial pay cut to come on board. For him it was not so much about the money but about the service. He understood that if he could provide his clients better they would be served to a better degree and as a result business would come naturally by referral. Till this day he works solely with referral based clients and trains agents on the ethical standards and correct business practices for insurance. 

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