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Mahdi Delshad

Currently a Partner with Karma Financial. Mahdi has been recognized as an industry leader ranking nationally amongst many of our carriers/partners. A winner of the top service award and member of the President's club. He has dedicated his life to teaching agents and clients more about financial services to protect more families.


My Story

As an immigrant to the United States, Mahdi and his family had very humble beginnings. His father is a truck driver till this day, and Mahdi derives much of his work ethic and motivation from him. The mere difficulty of mastering the English language was something that Mahdi struggled with. His family pushed him to focus on medicine and become a dentist, but over time Mahdi realized his true passion was not in healthcare

He wanted to serve people like his father, middle class Americans who struggled financially and lived paycheck to paycheck. After some research he eventually found an opportunity with a large insurance organization and began as an agent. Leaving medical school behind, Mahdi gave financial services a shot, and found that he loved the industry.

Although he loved his job, he was not happy with the way most companies ran their services. They put themselves first over the client. Mahdi fell in love with Karma's dedicated client system, and due to his hard work and dedication he grew as a full partner with the company.

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