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Mark Mousa

Mark is currently a General Agent with Karma Financial and is a potential candidate for both the President's club and Founder's club for 2023. He has excelled in his growth with the company and has demonstrated an immense work ethic to serve and protect clients. A top producer and top marketer, Mark has a bright future in the financial services industry.


My Story

As a kid, Mark watched his parents struggle to raise a family. His parents tried their best to raise the best children they could being an immigrant family with zero support. The lack of financial stability and financial protection his family had weighed on him and he watched as his parents pushed to get their children by. This motivated him to become better for his family but also gave him the hope that he could win against all odds, as his parents raised him without anything.

Mark started working when he was 16. He always had a passion for sales and made sure whatever he sold; it benefited the consumer. His philosophy was that helping the customer helped him, so he always tried to make the right decision. Once Mark turned 18 and got his high school diploma, he knew his life would be dedicated to helping people.

Mark wanted to get into the financial services, due to the dual benefits of being able to help people and financially stabilize his family. Mark searched through a lot of companies before deciding to come to Karma Financial. Mark credits Karma for helping him provide for his family, protect his clients, and reach his goals. Mark is currently thriving in Karma and is one of the top producers within the company.

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