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Marshall Habba

Currently a Managing General Agent with Karma Financial. Marshall started his financial career with the desire to improve the quality of life of those he serves and has a record of accomplishment in doing so. Marshall has a servant mindset and strives to stay up to date with current programs to best serve his clients at all levels.


My Story

Coming from an immigrant family, Marshall learned at an early age the value of hard work and helping families. Marshall's love of family has allowed him to help countless families the way he wished someone would have helped his. Marshall knows the importance of treating everyone as if they were family and he also understands the importance of securing and protecting assets. Upon becoming a Father Marshall's passion for the financial services industry has only intensified in his deserie to serve and protect families.

Also coming from a small business background and family of entrepreneurs, Marshall knows you must examine the day-to-day items in our lives but also be able to navigate towards the bigger, long-term goals you and your family have as well. Every person and family have unique needs and wants and should be treated as such. Many organizations encourage high pressure sales tactics and work only for the organization's bottom line. One of the main driving forces Marshall became a broker and formed partnerships with financial groups is to break the status quo and treat clients as they are, unique!

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