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Michael Bahoura

As an upcoming manager and top producer at Karma Financial, Michael is dedicated and ambitious in his role. He is eager to take on the opportunities and challenges that come with being a manager and is determined to make a positive impact on the agency and its clients. Michael is excited to continue growing and developing with Karma Financial.


My Story

Michael is a 19-year-old entrepreneur. Growing up Michael’s family was not in a good financial state. They were immigrants from a foreign country and had a very few family members willing to help them start off in America. His parents always tried to give him as much as he could. Then eventually they started building their way up and opening businesses. Michael thought to himself if his parents who were immigrants that came with nothing were able to do it, he should be able to do what they did and more with no problems.

This switched Michael’s whole mindset and the way he looked at life. He began working at a liquor store when he was 18. Michael graduated high school in 2021 and started going to college. Michael was trying to find ways so he could be his own business owner, so he does not have to be capped out at a job he does not enjoy. He wanted an opportunity where the amount of work he put in equaled out to the pay.


Michael got introduced into the financial services industry and started doing his research on it. He found out that life insurance was a recession proof industry. Michael decided this was the industry he wanted to pursue to reach his goals. He got a hold from a friend of his that was already part of Karma and got him started in the career. When Michael officially started with Karma Financial, he knew this was the career that was going to lead him to his goals. It was going to give him the future he always dreamed of. Michael built a connection with the Karma Financial team because they gave him an opportunity to reach his goals and go beyond.

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