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Mohamad Salem

Mohamad, known by friends and family as Mo, is currently an General Agent at Karma Financial. Mo has been interested in this field for nearly 5 years but was hesitant to leave his career in the auto shop sales industry. Within these 5 years he was approached by so many agencies that he felt just were not the right fit, until Karma Financial came along. Mo felt as though Karma Financial and the way they took care of their clients was something he could appreciate . He made this change nearly a year ago and left the auto shop sales industry. Always being a top performer in sales, Mo has thrived in assisting his clients with what they needed, rather than just a sales pitch. He truly cares for the clients best interest and loves making a difference in people's lives. 


My Story

Mo was born and raised in Westlake, Ohio being one of five children.  Mo’s father, Joseph owned a neighborhood grocery store on the East side of Cleveland. Mo used to help out his father in their family owned business growing up. He saw the long hours his father put into working at the grocery store, often working seven days a week for nearly 30 years. Mo saw how dedicated his father was to his business and the community around him and this rubbed off on him. Mo was eager to make a difference in the community just like his father has made. 


Mo is known for his warm smile and infectious laugh. He is the type of person that puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Mo takes his job very seriously because he understands first hand how important protecting your loved ones can be. Having lost his father to cancer, Mo is passionate about protecting families and securing the financial stability in working class Americans. 


It is because of these experiences that Mo pushes himself to deliver the best to clients. Armed with the Karma Financial platform, Mo is able to deliver extreme levels of service and benefits to each and every one of the members, providing more value than anyone else. He has excelled in his professionalism and has a powerful relationship with his clients. Due to his perseverance and integrity he has grown quickly with the company and in the financial services industry. 

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