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Mussie Talley

Mussie is head of data management at Karma Financial and specializes in analyzing data for the firm to allow Karma to manage client data, retain agents and clients, provide visualizations for agents and managers to increase retention, placement and persistency. 


My Story

Mussie grew up in Maryland with his both his parents and brother Nebiyou. He comes from a strong family unit and has heavy cultural values influenced by his Ethopian background. He has advanced training through microsoft on data analysis and works hand in hand with large clients to allow them to maintian client data. 


In a world where the need for data analysis is growing, Mussie offers high level techncial solutions to streamline and assists organizations to grow their business through data solutions. 


Mussie works with Karma exclusively in a heavy manner as he has a strong personal relationship with the management and is a licensed agent himself. Mussie orginally came to Karma as an agent but used his technical knowledge to assist and grow Karma. As a result Mussie is a valuable asset to Karma's team and has allowed the agency to scale it's understanding of data over the years. 

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