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Niki Postoloski

Niki is currently an broker agent at Karma Financial. He has been around insurance for over 4 years but this is his first full year with the company. He believes basani Financial was the best fit because of how everyone gets treated inside the company. The way Karma Financial treat their clients like they are their own was very appealing as well. He made this change nearly a year ago and He couldn’t be any happier. He cares for the clients best interest and loves making a difference in people's lives. 


My Story

Nik was born in Cleveland, Ohio where he has spent his whole life at. He has three brothers & two amazing parents who support him with every move. He runs a high level sports organization that is sponsored by Browns DE Myles Garrett. He runs basketball leagues, training, & other sports for all ages. He does a bunch of charity events through his sports organization that has raised over 50k worth of toys & donations. Nik is very passionate about his business that translates to many things in his life like making sure clients get the best coverage at the clients best interest. He hopes one day to reach the goal of 1 million dollars donated to non profits & smaller organizations. 

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