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Peter Chango

Currently a managing general agent and partner with Toma Financial, Peter has been recognized as an experienced leader with over 45 years of management and customer service. He has dedicated his life to leading agents to help our clients learn more about financial services to protect families from foreclosures, loss of income, loss of educational funds and loss of security.


My Story

Raised in Florida, The third of four children. He married in 1981 and is about to celebrate 41 years of marriage. He has three daughters who are all in successful careers. Peter entered the workforce at 15 and moved to the construction field designing and building swimming pools for the elite on Florida's Suncoast. He lost his father when he was 27. He was left to support his own family and widowed mother. But it was when he lost his brother and his brother had no protection in place for his wife or four children that he decided that enough was enough. There had to be something he could do for families other than design and build swimming pools. He looked and found a great opportunity that allowed him to help people understand and place protections on the ones they love. He has dedicated himself to ensure that he and his agents could help as many families as he could to avoid the financial devastation that he and his family have faced first hand.

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