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Peter Abouzeid

Currently an upcoming manager and top producer with Karma Financial. Peter is an ambitious and dedicated professional who is excited about the opportunities and challenges that come with being an upcoming manager at Karma. He looks forward to positively impacting the agency and its clients and growing along with Karma Financial!


My Story

Coming from a foreign background, Peter had lots of pressure put on him at an early age. High expectations were put on him molding him into the man he is today. Through many trials and tribulations, Peter has found hard work and perseverance is what helps him push to become successful. After working in a phone store for more than two years, Peter wanted to pursue a career that helps customers on a large scale. After quitting his phone store job, he never looked back since finding remarkable success in the financial industry.

Additionally, Peter enjoys the challenge of working in the insurance industry. It requires a deep understanding of products, regulations, and trends. He also likes the relationship building aspect of the job, getting to know his clients, and understanding their unique needs and goals. With Karma’s systems, processes, and teachings in place, Peter has found immense joy in being a part of the Karma team.

Overall, for Peter, selling life insurance is not just a job but a calling. He is passionate about it and enjoys helping others. He finds that it is a rewarding experience to help his clients protect their families and assets.

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