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Meet Your Agent!

Ronald Barbella

Ronald (Ron) is a caring and compassionate individual who has been working in customer service and sales for 10+ years. Ron has always done everything in his power to go above and beyond to serve his clients and leave them feeling like they were a first priority. Ron became interested in the insurance industry when there was a death in the family and noticed just how much life insurance was able to help his family through a difficult time. Being that he was in the industry of sales, he began to pursue insurance hoping that he could give the same peace of mind to other families across the country. Basani Financial has been able to give Ron the tools and training he needs to become the best agent he can be.

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Marble Surface

My Story

Ron is originally from Voorhees, New Jersey. He came to Ohio originally to pursue a business degree at Kent State University. After college he decided to stay for some time he decided to stay in Ohio, eventually making his way to Cleveland. During that time he came to love the city and even met his girlfriend of three years. Ron enjoys watching football and spending times with friends and family when he’s not spending time with yours!

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