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Roger Muresan

An agent with Karma Financial. Roger is passionate about his work, and he believes strongly in the importance of life insurance. He understands that purchasing a policy can be a daunting task for many people, and he strives to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. 


My Story

As an immigrant to the United States, Roger and his family traveled here from Romania in hopes to start a better life. His father working as an electrician always working two jobs his entire life to this day. Rogers motivation and drive passed down from his father has continued to flourish working on the American dream. Although learning English at a young age was extremely difficult, Roger continued to perceiver and graduated from The Ohio State university. Roger continued to focus on his dream and worked as a travel nurse for 5 years in the midst of a pandemic in all specialities in critical care floors.

He knew he could do more to serve people, so he decided to work with a large insurance organization and begin working as an agent. Leaving the bedside full-time, Roger dedicated his passion to financial services which has been a massive positive change in his career.

Although he enjoyed his job, he knew he could do more especially after he’s seen first had families suffer day after day working in a critical care setting. He wanted to make sure families were protected when it came to death and tragedies. Roger fell in love with Karma’s ability to working with multiple companies and focus all attention to his clients needs.

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