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Meet Your Agent!

Sarkis Keriakes

As a Insurance Broker at Basani Financial, Sarkis has been dedicated to his career and his clients since day one. With previous experience in helping people, taking care of their needs, and providing them with the information they need, Sarkis has always made sure he’s on top of his work. He is relentless in his pursuit to serve and protect his clients and applies an expert level of discipline to financial matters. The level of detail and care he pours into his work is truly astonishing, and we value his dedication to the team.

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My Story

Being an immigrant, Sarkis had to work hard on both his career and education to build knowledge, experience, and communication skills to best serve and help my clients. With Basani Financial, Sarkis was able to find the perfect environment for building his career around honest and hardworking people. As a person who cares the most about ethics, Sarkis's career allows him to practice his ethical and personal values of respecting people, taking care of their needs, and helping as much as he's able to.


Sarkis is always interested in learning new sports, skills, hobbies, etc. Sarkis loves that his career offers the option of meeting new people. The opportunity to learn and grow with others is something he deeply values in Basani Financial. 


Sarkis has made it his goal to secure your family’s peace of mind. He truly gets motivated when he sees his clients happy and relieved that their family has been taken care of. Securing their financial future in case of unexpected tragedies, financial loss, and life is something that brings a smile to his face. 


We highly encourage clients to reach out and build a relationship with their agents as it not only helps them, but their entire community. 

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