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Termaine Hudson

A brokerage agent with Karma Financial, Termaine excels in working with lower income communities and truly goes out of his way to help families. He is currently on pace for President's Club and has been a top agent for Karma protecting clients. 


My Story

Being an athlete his entire life, Termaine has a very strong work ethic. He grew up in a competitive environment and always was pushed to be better for himself, his family and community. Raised by his mother, Termaine received a great deal of positive pressure and motivation to become the best. She supported his vision of being an entrepreneur as she had chosen this path herself in real estate. 

Termaine always wanted to help people grow in their financial situation, and as a result he attended college at Baldwin Wallace where he majored in Accounting and Finance. Things were going well until a tragic incident where he lost everything in a house fire. This devastated him in many ways and caused him to leave school. Termaine's financial situation was in ruin from this incident and he was force to find work. 

Despite this setback, Termaine never gave up on his dream to become an entrepreneur. This led him to try many different business ventures such as restaurant promotion, dog-breeding, AirBNB, marketing, and real estate. He struggled to find his calling and happened to find Karma Financial through one of his AirBNB partners. Termaine now helps protects hundreds of families a month and has been thriving in Karma's unique environment. He is now able to provide for his parents, children, and community and feels as though he has finally found his calling. Termaine is excited to see what the future holds. 

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