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Toma Kassab

A General Agent with Karma Financial, Toma displays an elevated level of excellence in all categories. He is consistent in his production, service, and distribution for the business. A young leader in the making, Toma pushes to serve and protect clients and help agents build their dream careers.


My Story

Toma grew up in Michigan with a Middle Eastern family, which exposed him to a unique blend of traditional and modern cultures. He has two sisters, which helped shape his understanding of family dynamics and relationships. Growing up in Michigan also provided him with a strong sense of community and the value of hard work.


These experiences have influenced his perspective on life and the world around him, as well as his identity and connection to his Middle Eastern heritage. Throughout his life, Toma developed a deep love and passion for his work in life insurance, specifically in protecting families and ensuring their financial security.


He dedicates himself to helping others in this field and his dedication and passion is evident in his work. He is also known for his efforts in training many individuals how to do the same thing, passing on his knowledge and experience to the next generation of insurance professionals. Additionally, Toma is a skilled leader and has a talent for growing his team, mentoring, and developing his team members to reach their full potential.

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