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Zahra Nayyeri

A Managing General Agent and top producer with Karma Financial, Zahra pushes to be a strong representation of what women can do in the career of finance. She has been a long-standing agent within Karma and has continuously grown in her passion, discipline, and dedication toward her business in the financial services industry.


My Story

As a daughter of a first generation American, Zahra learned to be strategic about finances. Her mother, an immigrant, became a single mom while my younger sibling was still in high school. This placed pressure on her family's finances & caused stress on their family dynamic. Following her undergraduate studies at Daemen University, Zahra made it a priority to help with finances while still in post-graduation clinical research. The financial sector has allowed her to help families, like hers, and effectively secure their financial future. Every day for her serving clients is a gift and privilege!


As dedicated as she is to her family, Zahra brings the same dedication and determination to her career in the finance sector. Her family was built on the determination to be courageous to try and push forward in a new country. It was imperative to her that she remembered that money is simply a tool we can all use to better our lives, but if we are not taught the "how" then it simply remains a tool and not a vessel to grow our wealth. Zahra's intentions are to educate all her clients on the how, especially younger women. Her passion is to serve and protect clients all over the country with Karma.

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